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,000 calories. that's what's making news in america. >> do stay with us for "good morning america" and have a great tuesday. live and in hd, this is "good morning washington." on your side. captioned by the national captioning institute fireworks and festivities. how the nation's capital celebrated the fourth of july. good morning washington. it is tuesday july 5. i am cynee simpson. >> we begin with traffic and weather. we are going to start with adam caskey. adam how is the rest of the week going to be? we got through last night after some deliberation. >> there were some areas of rain and a few thunderstorms into the early evening. the national mall unscathed.
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here is a look at storm watch 7. radar. a few lingering light showers or sprinkles in the lower southern maryland. slowly pushing to the east. 75 in the district. cumberland is 63. 66 in frederick. 74 and muggy in lexington park. mostly sunny skies. the morning rain is moving out of here. highs in the lower 90. partly cloudy tomorrow. a few thunderstorms in the afternoon. far south of the metro today, we could have some late they storms in fredericksburg and southward. very light traffic. the american legion bridge, everything moving smoothly. because of a holiday yesterday
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to know roadwork to complicate that very early start to your trip -- no roadwork. metro rail extension is opened. we will take a look at springfield. we have a broken down vehicle in stafford county. no delay. a celebration of america's 235th a birthday with all local fireworks displays that the entire nation watches. we begin with the excitement and the pageantry across our region. >> kris van cleave spent the holiday on the national mall. >> they've come by the hundred of thousands. americans filling the national mall with one thing on their minds this fourth of july. >> fireworks. >> fireworks. >> mainly the fireworks maybe. >> when they came, boy did they come.
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pone thing about independence day, the fireworks are spectacular. >> it's wonderful. the best day of the year. >> they're gorgeous. i've seen hearts and rings. >> the wheeler family got to this fire work watching spot by 10 a.m. >> i get out of the sun. stay out of the sun. >> not everyone came prepared. >> you sit there and you roast. i do not know if it is worth it. >> he is a vietnam veteran. he and his wife come here every year. >> i was here for the parade earlier today. the soldiers marching. it was terrific. it makes you feel good to see poepleeople out here honoring our
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service folk. >> to see more of the beautiful images from "a capitol fourth" and a fireworks from other parts of the region, log on to our website -- >> 4:33. a man is hospitalized after being pulled from the potomac river. he was found in the water near thompson's boat house in northwest washington. paramedics did cpr on the man as he was rushed to the hospital. his condition is not known. it is not clear how the man ended up in the river. another man is in critical condition after nearly drowning in gunners lake. it happened yesterday evening. the man went into the water to recover or radio controlled boat and that is when he went under. a friend brought him back to shore and performed cpr. the man was rushed to hospital. the mexican navy will expand
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the search for seven americans missing since of fishing boat exit. the vessel capsized during a storm on sunday, sending 43 people into the water. one american died. 35 others were rescued after more than 16 hours in the water. damage from sunday night's storm. powerful winds toppled trees in north arlington, which fell on cars homes and power lines. one woman says she has lived in that neighborhood 50 years and has never seen anything like this. two homes were damaged so badly they have been condemned. >> 4:35. the senate returns to work after a short and july 4 recess. lawmakers will focus on trying to reach a deal to cut government spending in exchange for raising the nation's of baring limit. if they do not act by august 2,
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the u.s. could default on its debt and that would be the first time ever. a check on this morning's business headlines. >> linda bell joins us from bloomberg headquarters in new york. wall street is heading back to work after the long holiday weekend. we get the june jobs report, which is key as our economy recovers. greece continues to be a focus. europe's efforts to pull it from the brink may result in a default rating from the credit agency. elsewhere, google is taking on the federal trade commission. it hired a dozen lobbying firms as it looks to defend itself against an antitrust investigation. the latest in a string of cyber attacks. apple is the latest victim . a group of computer hackers posted a document which user
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names and passwords from an apple server. in this high tech, smart phones are able to unlock your doors and kick start your air conditioning. i will explain in my next report. i'm linda bell. back to you. >> that sounds a very convenient. adjust. 4:37. 71 degrees. day one of full deliberations. the latest from inside the casey anthony trial. >> a less humid
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4:40 on this tuesday morning. let's go to live super doppler radar. a few sprinkles. most of the action has come to an end and pushing off to the east quickly early this morning. here is a look at yesterday's rainfall an inch. traingle -- triangle, 8/10 of an inch. temperatures are around 70 degrees. a little bit cooler northwest of the metro. a high temperature will be around 90 degrees.
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notice far south fredericksburg, southern maryland we cannot rule out an isolated thunderstorm. that will be the exception and not the norm. afternoon storms wednesday and thursday. uncertainty as we go friday into the upcoming weekend especially friday and saturday as a tropical disturbance may had our way from the caribbean. possible rainshowers. we will keep an eye on it. we start with look at 270 near 109 where we usually see a slowdown. right now it looks pretty good into montgomery county. hov restrictions are back in effect on i-66 and 95 and 395. a light volume right now. we'll head to george washington park where we can see a beautiful view of the fireworks last night. right now very calm. as we had to dullest airport
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everything moving smoothly. it's 4:41. 71 degrees. >> independence day on the campaign trail. we will see the president obama and some white house want to be's spent the holiday. >> casey anthony sits and waits.
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checking our top stories as we approach 4:45. there was plenty of pomp and pageantry to mark america's birthday. hundreds of thousands of people gathered on the national mall to watch the annual "a capitol fourth" concert and fireworks display that followed. people in some parts of our area will spend another day picking up the pieces from sunday's wicked weather. severe storms brought down huge trees, damaging homes and cars and knocking out power to thousands of homes and businesses. finally, but judge wald sift through a final set of motions in a case against roger clemens. jury selection is scheduled to begin tomorrow. he is being tried on charges he lied to congress about using performance enhancing drugs. one of the biggest legal cases of the year is no in the hands of the jury.
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deliberations resume this morning in the murder trial of casey anthony. at issue -- the circumstances surrounding the death of her two-d year-old -- her two year old daughter. >> after 45 days of arguments and evidence, it is now the jury's turn. is casey anthony guilty? >> members of the jury, i would like to thank you for your attention. >> the jury got the case monday at noon after watching home video of a giggling two year old and hearing from the defendant one last time. an angry casey ranting. >> i want caylee back. >> what dioo guilty people do? they laugh they avoid, they run. they mislead their families and the police. they divert attention away from themselves and they act like
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nothing is wrong. >> who's life was better without caylee? they answered that by showing it jurors a tattoo that says, a beautiful life. the defense claims that the prosecution's case is a circumstantial. the real life court drama has riveted the nation, prompting many to push for a front row seat. >> everybody loves a mystery. you want to witness it and be part of it. >> after six hours of deliberation, the jury was dismissed. they will be back at 8:30 a.m. and there will be no time limit on deliberations. a man accused of sexually assaulting a 10-year-old girl is being held without bond. santos valencia was arrested on
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saturday. police say he knew his victim and they say the assault was not an isolated incident. it happened over two-three months. no court date has been set. the suspect in lululemon murder could face some damaging testimony later this week. her next hearing is set for friday. an employee at the montgomery county correctional facility has been asked to . appear at that hearing to talk about comments made to her brother after her arrest. >> the fourth of july was another day on the campaign trail for some republicans. former massachusetts governor mitt romney and former utah governor jon huntsman spent the day in new hampshire. newt gingrich and michele
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bachmann campaigned in iowa. 100 people are now u.s. citizens after a fourth of july ceremony. >> congratulations. you are america's newest citizens. >> it took place at george washington's mt. vernone estates. speakers urged the new americans to have big dreams and pursue them. first lady michelle obama will help salute military families during tonight's washington nationals game. before the game, children from military families will escort her to firstthetghehe homeplate. what were the fourth of july be without fireworks and a hot dog eating contest? >> 5 4 3 2, 1.
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>> joey chestnut scarfed down 623 hot dogs in 10 minutes. at coney island. he was a six short of his own record. meanwhile, sonya from alexandria won the women's contest. she downed 40 hot dogs. >> go sonya. >> what do you say after that? they at 102 hot dogs in 10 minutes. >> that is enough to make you what -- not want to eat breakfast. that other main attraction on the national mall that is not over yet. >>
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tuesday morning, july 5. we have one lingering sprinkle in southern maryland. zero weeks a frontal boundary that is south of the metro area. -- a weak frontal boundary that is south of the metro area. the specks of green on 301 is a
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sprinkle left over from last night. look northwest of town. it is noticeably cooler and drier. 67 in hagerstown. near 90 this afternoon. mostly sunny skies. for fredericksburg and southern maryland, we could have afternoon and evening thunderstorms. locally, we should be dry. very light this morning. we will start a look in silver spring. our router loop traffice very smooth. we'll head over to the 14th street bridge, 395 looking good right now. back to you. thanks. july 4th weekend was a busy one on the national mall. in addition to fireworks, the smithsonian folklife festival has been going strong with
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motown sounds. >> sam ford has been on the mall. >> at the motor city to end at the folklife festival it was about the rhythm, the music. people could not keep still. a lot of the singers and musicians had age, but they have the authentic motown sound because they used to work at motown. jim weston had them rocking for a little while. >> i love it. i would love to do this everywhere. every city state in the country. >> george mcgregor. >> you cannot beat the 1960's. >> from an audience that could not keep still. many baby boomers that were again teenagers in the 1960's. >> it's a thrill. >> i'm blown away. no words. >> there was a lot more to the
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folklife festival. big exhibitions featuring music food and crafts. the peace corps had an exhibit. the crowd was patriotic. they wore the american flag in creative ways. for us it was about singing and dancing and lyrics like "shake your money maker." from the national mall sam ford. >> shake your moneymaker. >> even several news reporters could not get enough of it he said. he edited out that dancing. scene. >> little richard was performing at the fourth of july concert. we still have a lot more ahead in our next door. coming up, where the reporters and the president work together. we will give you
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coming up, a dangerous holiday weekend on the region's waterways. a child is dead, two people are hospitalized and another is missing. >> the cleanup continues. people across our area are dealing with the damage from sunday's storms. >> a spectacular ending to a fabulous fourth of july. good morning, washingt

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